Recognition should be given to all those who have gone before; family members, friends, and others that may have influenced me in their own quiet way.

Special recogition should go to my father Kenneth (Kenny to all who knew him) and my grandfathers Selby and Chester (Jake), both born in the 1890s. All of these gentlemen influenced me in their own way...with time fishing, hunting, trapping, or just time spent togeher.....

Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 25, 2011 Early Morning

This morning I headed out to the woodland/prairie areas for some hiking and photography. I arrived about 6:30 A.M.; when it was still a bit dark in the heavily wooded can be seen below. That is a small stream that I cross when going to the area I chose today. When the stream is higher, I walk across on the tree that is laying over the stream (just visible in the darkness downstream); but today the stream was low enough, I just jumped over.
I came out into a field planted in sunflowers in the river bottom and hiked along the edge of it for a few hundred yards.

At the field's edge, I spotted these very delicate mushooms. I do not know the species. They appeared to be almost paper thin and looked as if just a brush with my hand would have knocked them over.

I later came across several of these pick mushrooms......and again do not know the species.

Multiflora roses were located in several locations, at the transitional areas between the fields and the wooded areas. These are very pretty when in blossom, but are considered a nuisance plant and not native to our area. They were introdued from the orient as ornamentals and in our area, during the 1930s were promoted as useful living hedges; and as a result are now very common.

A group of milkweed plants. If you look closely at the plant on the right (or click it so that it enlarges) you will see an insect that is about to have a close up photo taken.....per the second milkweed picture..........and I do not know what species it is. Milkweed plants were very useful to the primitive people. In the early spring, the young plant may be eaten. The pods that will form a bit later may also be eaten when they new. The fiber from the stalk can be twisted into string or twine.

I found several ripe berries today. The first shown is dewberries; similar to blackberries that ripen later; but these grow close to the ground, and in my opinion are not as sweet as blackberries. The second shown is black raspberries. I picked and ate those all morning. The third is gooseberries. It is a bit early for those and I was surprised to see a few that were ripe. If you eat one that is not quite ripe; you will know immediately....very sour and tart.

An intersting patch of what I believe is some type of moss that was catching the early morning sun.

Just a dragonfly perched on a plant.

A 13 Year Cicada catching the early morning sun. If you click the picture to enlarge it, you can see that the morning dew is still on the plants. I was surprised to see these this morning and was finally able to catch one in a spot for a picture. I did not know we had any in this area. I know that south of here, they are out by the millions. You can tell these from the variety that appear each year, because these are smaller, darker, and with red eyes.

A few flowers that I saw throughout the morning.
A mullein plant beginning to blossom.

It was a fun morning and good to get out in that area again. I may head out again tomorrow, if it is not raining.

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